Abby Humphrey is a native New Englander who came to acupuncture, as many do, through pain. An injury incurred in her dance career led her to an acupuncturist in Middletown, Connecticut, where she was attending Wesleyan University. This experience, and a desire to be in service to those suffering inspired her in turn to write a thesis on Chinese medicine as part of her bachelor’s degree work in East Asian Studies.

Further explorations in complementary medicine brought her to the Swedish Institute of Massage in New York City, where she received a Certificate in Massage Therapy, and eventually to the Traditional Acupuncture Institute (now the TAI Sophia Institute) in Columbia, Maryland. At TAI, Abby worked with founders Robert Duggan and Dianne Connelly, earning her Masters in Acupuncture, Maryland State Licensure, and Certification in Chinese Herbal Medicine. She is currently an active member of the Michigan Association of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.

Upon completion of her studies at TAI in 1999, Abby moved to Ann Arbor, Michigan, establishing her practice as the sole acupuncturist at Head to Toe Therapies. In 2001, working with therapist Becky Minnick Hackenberg, she co-founded the Center for Sacred Living, a collaborative healing space for practitioners of various modalities. In 2014, she was invited by Dr. Amy Sauders to join the clinical team at Integrative Healthcare Providers, where her practice now resides.

Abby frequently lectures on Chinese medicine at the University of Michigan School of Public Health and intensive Inteflex program at the Medical School. In addition, she has hosted students from the Med School and Public Health at her practice. Abby has facilitated workshops on Five Element Theory and Shiatsu in Ann Arbor, Toledo and Traverse City.

Her own professional path has included workshops in Toronto, Washington DC, western Massachusetts, Chicago, and New York. Highlights from this work include a two-year program with Lonny Jarrett on Clinical Integration, a course with Dr. Richard Tan on his Balance Method, and The Art and Science of Obstetrics with Raven Lang.  In 2016 Abby studied closely with Chinese medicine master Dr. Yun Luke Lu, bringing the ancient healing art of Cupping into her practice.

Abby has three beautiful and inspiring daughters and is a performing bellydancer with Unveiled Bellydance. She also enjoys teaching BellyFit through Ann Arbor Rec and Ed.